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It is important for all automobile owners to remember that damages resulting from the sun and heat can be quite extensive, even after only a relatively short period of exposure and it impacts not only the dashboard but the entire interior, including seats and carpeting, thus reducing the resale value by thousands of dollars. Given the hefty cost of a new car, protecting a vehicle’s interior from sun damage is equally as important as other areas of maintenance and should be a part of every automotive maintenance plan.

Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services. Whether you drive a passenger car or medium sized truck or SUV, our technicians strive to ensure that your vehicle will be tinted at its best.

You’re Choice of Films:

Global Window Films:
(Dyed film)
• No metals layers that may interfere with navigation systems signals
• Great match for factory tint
• Superior optical clarity
• Lifetime Warranty Available
Suntek Window Films:
(Carbon Film)
• Carbon-dyed construction provides a great look that will not fade
• No metal layers that may interfere with cell phones, radio, or navigation system signals
• Provides excellent optical clarity while reducing day and nighttime glare
• Lifetime Warranty
Huper Optik Window Films:
(Ceramic Film)
• Tested for UV degradation beyond the expected life cycle of both conventional dyed and metallic films
• High total solar energy rejection of up to 70%
• Reduce glare and driving fatigue, thus enhancing driving comfort
• Blocks 75% more heat than Charcoal series tint
• No metal layers that may interfere with cell phones, radio, or navigation system signals
• Lifetime Warranty


We offer a full range of garage services to vehicle owners in Tucson. We can help you with everything from an oil change to an engine change. We can handle any problem on both foreign and domestic vehicles.

  • We make auto repair and maintenance more convenient for you
  • We are a friendly, helpful and professional group of people
  • Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of tint services
  • We get the job done right — the first time
  • Same day service for most services


  • 1. Better Driving

    Driving with the sun directly in your face isn’t just an annoyance – it can be deadly. Car window tint shields your eyes and prevents glare from all sources of extreme light so you’ll never be caught driving badly due to no fault of your own.

  • 2. Awesome Privacy

    Let’s face it, in some of the more unsavory parts of town it’s always a good idea to keep a low profile. Cart tint guards your personal privacy no matter where are you. And not only that, but it also protects the things inside your car when you’re not around. No more stashing your valuables out of sight every time you park!

  • 3. Upholstery Protection

    The heat and UV rays from direct sunlight can turn your upholstery into a mess in a few short years, but did you know this is highly preventable? Car tint keeps your car interior from getting hot enough to warp, fade, or crack, and blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays from entering.

  • 4. Shatter Proofing

    Tint helps to keep your car’s window from shattering upon impact with an object or in the event of an accident. This can go a long way to protecting the health and lives of your passengers if anything unexpected happens on the road.

  • 5. Keeping Cool

    With the right window tint, you can reduce the heat inside your car in the scorching summer months by up to 60%. Keep the heat out and never worry about pitching up at work drenched in sweat ever again.

  • 6. Staying Healthy

    Direct sunlight and the associated UV rays doesn’t just damage your skin and accelerate ageing, it can also cause skin cancer over a prolonged period of exposure. Reduce harmful UV rays by up to 99% by installing quality car tint.

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